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Published:2019/12/28 14:25:57    Number:12418

"35 meter"

Q1. Why is the price relatively higher?

A1, protein powder as raw material, no harmful addition, nutrition and health

Q2, what are the selling points?

A2. Green ecology, low fat and high protein

Q3. How long is the shelf life?

A3, 9 months

Q4. Is the quality guaranteed?

A4, full certification, mature technology, quality assurance

Q5. Product features?

A5, fresh fragrance Q strength taste long and healthy leisure

Q6. What is the raw material?

A6. Non-transgenic soybean protein powder, natural flax oil, etc

Q7. Is the profit margin large?

Small can make big can make big

Q8. How to purchase goods?

A8. Purchase goods at different prices according to the operation nature of customers

Q9. How is the supply sufficient?

A9. Sufficient supply, production according to the order

Q10. What are the terms of payment?

A10. Payment before delivery

Q11. How long will the delivery period be?

A11. Within a week

Q12. What is the cooperation guarantee?

A12. Sign the cooperation contract to clarify the responsibilities and interests of both parties.

Q13. Is the policy strong?

A13. There are threshold policies for donation and quantity verification.

Q14. Is there any material support?

A14. Yes, free materials and advertising support.

Q15. Is there any activity support?

A15. Yes, free samples, promotional stands, promotional clothing, hanging strips, etc

Q16. Is there any personnel support?

A16. Yes, with long-term and short-term support according to performance.

Q17. Is there any after-sales service?

A17. The company is responsible for the after-sales service of all problematic products.

Q18. How to bear the freight?

A18. The manufacturer shall undertake the service of arrival.

Q19. What is the raw material?

A19, non-transgenic soybean protein powder, natural flax oil, etc.

Q20. What is the product process?

A20. High temperature expansion, low temperature cutting and mixing, biaxial extrusion

Q21. Packaging advantages?

A21. Aluminum foil is packed empty

Q22. What kind of packaging?

A22, there are boxes, bags, bulk and other series, a variety of options

Q23. Is the product sterilized?

A23. Sterile disinfectant high-temperature sterilization technology is used throughout the whole process from worker passage, product equipment to product production to ensure that each product can be safely consumed.

Q24. Can we substitute processing?

A24, can, OEM processing.

Q25. Is there any cooperative e-commerce?

A25. We have cooperation with Tmall, taobao and jd

Q26. Are there any other e-commerce platforms?

A26. Yes, ink mall, talent store, etc

Q27. What about links?

A27, there are company links and investment network


Q28. Do you have a public account?

Yes, huixiang zhaizi public no.

Q29, is there a small program mall?

A29. There is a small program for self-management of snack foods

A30. Douyin account has been opened and can broadcast live.

Q31. Are there many products?

A31, there are silk meat, Q jin dou, glutton and other series.

Q32. What is the development blueprint?

A32, rooted in the northwest, facing the country, to the world.

Q33. Product sales scope?

A33, national and overseas markets.

Q34. Can the product be exported?

Yes, it has export qualification

Q35. What are the other certifications?

A35, HACCP, 19001 quality system certification