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The third advanced training class of Jingyuan County entered the hometown stockade

Published:2020/11/27 15:40:00    Number:6397

National e-commerce enters the third advanced training class

 in Jingyuan County, rural areas 


On November 9th, the third advanced training class of national e-commerce in rural Jingyuan County, organized by Jingyuan County Commercial Circulation Industry Development Service Center and Jingyuan County E-commerce Public Service Center (Jingyuan Branch of Shaanxi Changtong Network Technology Co., Ltd.), officially started.

This seminar is a research activity specially organized to further strengthen the training of rural e-commerce talents in Jingyuan County, enhance the application of e-commerce, continuously meet the development needs of rural e-commerce, cultivate the endogenous power of county e-commerce, and learn the innovative model and advanced experience of e-commerce.

From November 12th to November 13th, the seminar entered Qingtongxia.

Accompanied by the person in charge of Qingtongxia E-commerce Public Service Center, he studied Qingtongxia E-commerce Public Service Center, Qingtongxia Rural E-commerce Service Station, and Qingtongxia Food Enterprise Yizhongyuan Food (Returning to Hometown Zhaizi)

Accompanied by General Manager Ma Zhihua, the trainees of the seminar visited the production line of our factory, and highly recognized the products of our hometown stockade.

Students who stop in front of the honor wall of our factory


Ningxia Yizhongyuan Food Co., Ltd., as a benchmark enterprise in Qingtongxia City, has always been highly recognized by leaders, and we have always been
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