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Help epidemic prevention and control, Ningxia come on!

Published:2021/11/23 10:19:16    Number:9480

Unity to fight the epidemic.

The cold winter in send warm really warms people''''s hearts. At present, the Iraqi public source has contributed a little.

"Unity is iron, unity is steel and unity is strength. It is an important guarantee to unite the Chinese people and the Chinese nation to overcome all the risks and challenges on the way forward and move from victory to new victory. " Ningxia''''s ongoing severe struggle against epidemic situation has profoundly confirmed this conclusion. On October 26th, 2021, under the leadership of Ma Zhihua, the general manager of the company, donated the leisure bean products of Silk Road stockade to the epidemic prevention and control points in Xiaoba Town, Chenyuantan Town, Qingtongxia Town and Xiakou Town, etc., and provided healthy food support for the medical workers, civil servants and social volunteers who fought day and night in the fight against the epidemic. Yizhongyuan will work together with the people of the whole country to contribute to the fight against the epidemic!

Qingxia epidemic prevention and control front line

Everyone is responsible for health and epidemic prevention before the epidemic.

In December 2019, we cheer for Wuhan! In August 2021, we cheer for Henan! In October 2021, we cheer for Ningxia! One side is in trouble, all sides support it!

At this critical moment, the primary task of major production enterprises is to prevent and control the epidemic situation. As a food production enterprise, our company is also facing a shutdown. However, the employees of Yizhongyuan are not trapped at home because of the epidemic situation, but they still send our company''''s snack food to the major epidemic prevention and control points in Qingtongxia, Ningxia, to send warmth to the front-line anti-epidemic personnel and contribute their little.

Qingxia epidemic prevention and control front line

The epidemic situation is merciless and affectionate.
Qingxia enterprises continue to offer love.

When one side is in trouble, all sides will help.

Anti-epidemic, be thankful for you.

Our greetings and words of encouragement

A warm-hearted action

Are sticking to the anti-epidemic front.

On the staff of the strongest backing.

The warmest support!

Qingxia epidemic prevention and control front line

At the critical moment, do your part of corporate social responsibility.

Enterprises have come to the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the epidemic prevention and control point of Yuqiao village in Qingtongxia town, the epidemic prevention and control point of Hanqu village in Xiakou town, the east street community prevention and control point, the Qingtongxia exit card point of the expressway, Ye Sheng town, Shaogang town, Qujing town and the reporter station of the media center of the city to send condolences to the cadres and masses at the front-line epidemic prevention and control duty station, express their heartfelt thanks to the cadres and masses who have worked hard in the front-line epidemic prevention and control, and say that they should do their social responsibility for epidemic prevention and control.

Ma Zhihua, general manager, said: "The frontline staff of epidemic prevention are selfless and hard-working. As an enterprise should do its social responsibility, on behalf of all the staff in Yizhongyuan, Ningxia, I would like to express my most sincere greetings and sincere warmth to the frontline staff of epidemic prevention and control.

On behalf of the enterprise, Chairman Ma Jinlong joined hands with Xingqing Digital Economy Industrial Park to donate protective clothing, goggles, masks and other epidemic prevention materials to anti-epidemic medical staff, staff and volunteers. Warmth you and me with true feelings and help each other with great righteousness.